Thank you, Texarkana Gazette!

Appreciative thanks to Texarkana Gazette for publishing its first article on Lee McQueen and the McQueen4Congress campaign for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat for 2018.

Lee McQueen has spent the past week canvassing and door-knocking, posting up yard signs, sending emails to media outlets and organizations, sending text messages, etc to get the word out. Because there’s nothing like a door-to-door ground game.

However, the publicity afforded by the Texarkana Gazette furthered the reach of District 4’s only Independent, progressive, Bernie Sanders-style candidate for 2018, and people have taken notice! Equal media time and equal media coverage are a positive service to the community and remain important elements to a fair election.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

See the article: “U.S. House candidate will make a local stop,” Texarkana Gazette Mon Nov 6 2017