Latest news article on McQueen’s “Meet the Candidate” Event

‘NOT LEFT OR RIGHT’: Independent House candidate advocates ideas for economy, environment during campaign event

Many thanks to Jim Williamson of the Texarkana Gazette for coverage of the first official McQueen4Congress campaign event! Additional thanks to Miss Val of TLC Burgers & Fries for supporting the event with snacks for hungry attendees meeting over the dinner hour.

TLC Burgers and Fries

We sincerely appreciate everyone who took time out of a pretty busy Thursday night in Texarkana to participate in a civic discussion of substantial campaign issues.


Included in this issue of the Texarkana Gazette, also an article on solar energy:

Husqvarna Group switches on new solar-powered facility

“Husqvarna and Today’s Power Inc. switched on its first solar power-generating facility Wednesday at its injection molding site in Nashville, Ark. The new facility is expected to reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 1,000 tons in the first year of operation and approximately 25,000 tons over the expected 25-year life of the facility.”

Solar energy is the Future of Arkansas. We are living in exciting times. Anyone not onboard with moving Arkansas into the Future needs to get out everyone else’s way, including out of Husqvarna and Today’s Power Inc‘s way.

Incidentally, the Texarkana Gazette also published this AP article in the same paper:

Is it an emergency? Insurer makes patients question visiting ER

Expanded & Improved Medicare for All puts the issue of for-profit insurers like Blue Cross & Blue Shield denying coverage and putting lives in jeopardy to an end.

The next McQueen4Congress campaign event has already been scheduled:

Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Townhall, Texarkana Public Library, Thursday December 7th.

McQueen4Congress is proud to be on the right side of history and on the straight path to Future Arkansas.

Not left. Not right. FORWARD!

4th to the Future!