For the citizen journalists: “Three with Lee!”

Starting Monday November 20, 2017… 

Ending Thursday November 30, 2017…


Lee McQueen will be available for exactly three minutes for your citizen journalistic on-the-street, on-the-spot interviews regarding her campaign for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat throughout the Texarkana region.

  1. Public spaces only!
  2. Lee will carry a timer.
  3. Lee will start the timer as you ask your first question. The questions must be about the congressional campaign.
  4. The interview ends exactly at the 3:00 mark. No do-overs!
  5. You may film.
  6. You may post film to social media.
  7. Please email a copy of the video file to Lee McQueen.
  8. Lee may post your film to social media.
  9. Please use the words “Three with Lee” as part of the title when naming your file.
  10. Please be decent so kids can also watch your film.


Good luck!