We’re so thankful for you for your support!

We are so thankful for all the kind wishes and offers of support for this Independent campaign for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Fighting for progressive issues like student debt relief, free college tuition, single payer healthcare, living wages so people can afford the best quality of life possible is an enormous undertaking, but also an opportunity to serve the public, as unbought and unbossed Congresswomen such as Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan once served the public.

People have suffered from austerity decision-making that has resulted in an over-class of over-compensated oligarchs who still want to take more and more money from middle and working class working families. Apparently, the world is not enough to people who feel they should have everything.

Times are exciting but also daunting.

For those who have offered your assistance, we thank you and thank you and THANK YOU!

People are assisting in various ways:

1. Contributing to the campaign by check, money order, or online.
2. Spreading the word on social media, by email, passing out flyers downloaded from the campaign website, writing letters to the editor/publisher/producer.
3. Attending events.
4. Writing statements of endorsement.

Everything helps!

Fri Dec 1st, we begin the tremendous effort for ballot access and we definitely need your support by choosing one, some, or all of the options above.

This is a grassroots campaign funded by individual campaign contributions. I am not backed by a corporate sponsor from one of the industries actively causing harm to voters, which means we really need your $3, $13, $23, $33, $43 contributions to get through the enormous effort of ballot access petitioning. We have to turn in 2000 valid signatures from registered Arkansas voters in order to list Lee McQueen on the ballot. Which means doubling that number to at least 4000 to counteract efforts by corporate party opponents to battle progressive change and democracy itself.

Your campaign contributions pay for printing costs, travel and transportation, office supplies, and programming such as the forthcoming Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Town Hall on Thu Dec 7th at Texarkana Public Library. Your efforts to help spread the word, your supportive statements, your work on social media on our behalf mean so much!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lee McQueen and McQueen4Congress!

Safe journeys home and back again.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”