Nov 30th Arkansas Opportunity to Learn Public Education Forum

Last night I attended Arkansas Opportunity to Learn’s first ever Public Education Forum. As a proud product of the public school system, I fully support the role of the federal government in ensuring the continued success of Arkansas’s public schools in meeting high standards of learning and accountability. Public schools do not cherry-pick through children in order to find the “best” to boost their numbers.

With a public school system, all children are considered the “best.” All children are welcome to learn. All receive instruction and introduction on the wide wonderful world in which we live.

As a former librarian and substitute teacher, I know for a fact that literacy in all forms is crucial to future quality of life.

If elected to federal office, I will continue to provide support to state and local communities to ensure that high-quality learning continues to open doors for all of children and youth who knock!

I wish all participants in this forum continued success, because their success guides the path for the success of children in Arkansas.

Well done to the organizers!

To the educators and administrators, your hard work is sincerely appreciated!

All the best, Lee McQueen.

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