Thank you to all participants with the Medicare for All Town Hall!

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated with planning the Medicare for All Town Hall the previous evening including Tequilla Briggs, Debra Conley, Dr. Gerald Friedman, and of course, the staff at Texarkana Public Library.Debra Conley at Town Hall

With everyone’s input, we had refreshments, informational handouts, and technical support. While reactions to single payer healthcare by attendees ran the full range of skepticism, curiosity to out-right enthusiasm, Lee McQueen delivered the baseline explanations of the concept of single payer using The Washington Post’s “Breaking Down Single Payer Healthcare” short film and various informational handouts from

Gerald FriedmanWe truly appreciate Dr. Gerald Friedman, Harvard-trained PhD and Professor of Economics (University of Massachusetts-Amherst) who phoned in between other activities on his plate to participate in the Q&A regarding funding mechanisms for HR 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. We all learned so much!
After the Q&A with Dr. Friedman on HR 676, we viewed a video interview of Dr. Friedman with David Pakman, “Here’s EXACTLY How We Pay for Medicare for All,” which answered similar questions on funding for S1804. We are so very grateful for Dr. Friedman’s time last night and his tireless work over the years creating and/or explaining single payer plans at the state [CO, MD, MA, NY, OR, PA, RI] and federal [HR 676 AND S1804] levels.

 Jennifer Strayhorn and Paul Eldridge at Town Hall
We never know the places that information will go, but everyone walked away from the town hall with more knowledge than which they arrived. Thank you, everyone, for your support of this Medicare for All Town Hall, and the opportunities to learn more about healthcare of the future.

To those unable to participate, we continue to thank you for your continued support of Independent candidate Lee McQueen’s progressive campaign and the McQueen4Congress effort. Your financial contributions have been arriving and we appreciate your faith in the McQueen4Congress campaign.

Lee McQueen shows pre-recorded video of Dr Gerald Friedman

We know progressive change is coming to SW Arkansas with the advent of solar energy developments, the legalization of medical marijuana, even the renewed focus on and recognition of the value of public school education. Lowest cost, best quality, most quantity covered healthcare is just around the corner.

To support Lee McQueen’s campaign for Congress to continue the forward momentum of progressive politics, please donate to the McQueen4Congress campaign.

The Future of Arkansas is for All.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”