Lee McQueen Counts Blessings

This December, Lee McQueen and McQueen4Congress received several opportunities to spread the word about the sole Independent, progressive, machine-free, corporate donor-free, party boss and party leader-free campaign for Congress for Arkansas’s 4th District.

miles chapel cme

McQueen spoke to parishioners at both Miles Chapel CME Church and Word of Life Ministries about the inspiration behind a campaign that supports single payer healthcare, Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, free public school and higher education, etc. Plus, she addressed the clear expectation that we render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s. Recent refusals to meet this expectation have resulted in extreme hardship for greater society, as described by the UN’s Special Rapporteur.

Word of Life Ministries

A surprisingly long list of verses addresses the issues of wealth inequality, wage theft, and greed. Too many to list! Fortunately, we have already been given the solutions and the answers for a right and just world.

“Thank you so much to the leadership of Miles Chapel CME and Word of Life Ministries for allowing me this time to share. I remain grateful for these unexpected blessings.”

In addition, McQueen hosted an IAmA Reddit thread that received insightful, intelligent questions, allowing the candidate an opportunity to speak directly to those curious about the progressive campaign, the issues, the platform, etc.

ktev 15

Finally, outreach to the electorate of the ArkLaTex and Arkansas’s District 4 continued with an interview at KTEV, CableOne’s Channel 15. McQueen spoke with a wonderful host and interviewer, and introduced her candidacy and campaign to a larger audience.

“We appreciate each and every unexpected opportunity to hold forth and describe the possibilities of a fair and just world, a Future Arkansas for All.”

In the meantime, McQueen will be hard at work in the Texarkana region, gathering signatures for the ballot access petition, due March 1st. 2000 valid signatures are required which means McQueen will meet and greet many, many, many people on the campaign trail!

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

With appreciation,
Lee McQueen