2018 Updates on McQueen4Congress campaign!

Busy couple of weeks in the McQueen4Congress campaign!
Arkansas Times contacted McQueen for a phone interview for an upcoming article on Arkansas women running for office. Help McQueen watch for the article’s publication!
2018 launched with several community activities involving outreach by McQueen to the Arkansas District 4 constituency.  Lonoke Baptist Church permitted McQueen to gather signatures for her ballot access petition from parishioners. lonoke baptist church
McQueen also participated in discussions regarding the serious opioid crisis and its devastating effect on the Texarkana region of Arkansas after a film screening of “Chasing the Dragon” sponsored Texarkana Police Department.
She also spoke with Miller County NAACP regarding her campaign and platform, making sure to explain the difference between a forward-moving progressive, a neo-liberal status-quo incrementalist, and a right-wing corporatist.
Arkansas & Stateline 1Very exciting when friends and family helped McQueen take her case for ballot access to the street at the major intersection of Stateline Ave & Arkansas Blvd for car honks and ballot petition signatures!   
Arkansas & Stateline 2

McQueen spoke with frequent visitors to Miller County Senior Citizen Center to deliver an update on the campaign, provide details on the platform, and to take questions. Most of the questions she answered centered around the future of Medicare and Social Security.

Lee McQueen & Arkansas State Policemen
McQueen also received a briefing from Arkansas State Police on the extensive education and training required to earn the title of “Trooper.”  Thank you to Trooper Mitchell, Trooper Broughton, and Trooper Fielding for describing a day in the life of Arkansas’s finest.
At this time, candidate Lee McQueen really needs your help!
Events to recognize Martin Luther King Jr have already begun, and Lee McQueen has fresh pages for her ballot access petition to fill to meet the 2000 valid signature baseline. Please sign the petition! Arkansas & Stateline 3
Please help get progressive issues onto the federal ballot, most specifically, the issues that put people ahead of profits. These include free college tuition, National Improved Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, an end to the Drug War, and diplomacy as the first resort in foreign policy. 
Sincerest, multiple thank yous to those already assisting with gathering signatures. We’re still waiting for the official written order on the deadline from U.S. District Court Judge James M. Moody in the Moore v Martin, e.d., 4:14cv-65 case. In the meantime, please assist us, if you can, with gathering signatures, please visit
[UPDATE 01/27/2018: Judge Moody’s ruling to extend ballot access petition deadline to May 1st applies only to the Independent running for Lieutenant Governor. All other Independents in Arkansas are expected to meet March 1st deadline, per SoS Martin. Judge Moody will decide, “case-by-case.” See: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/jan/27/state-s-march-1-petition-deadline-struc-1/%5D
We work lean and streamlined to keep the asks to a minimum. We are not funded or brought to you by Monsanto, McDonald’s, or Wal-Mart. There’s no shrimp cocktail and champagne parties to buy votes. This is a grassroots-funded, volunteer-driven campaign with people working hard for legislation and policies that benefit the 99%, which is must of us. This means your campaign donations matter! Please assist the campaign by donating online or by snail mail. To take this progressive, people before profit issues and a Future Arkansas platform to Washington, DC we need your help!
We also have an amazing volunteer crowd of social media point guards and specialists who have already extended our social media reach and sent our statistics off the charts. THANK YOU! Feel free to join in the fun!
So many ways to assist the campaign! Contact us if you have questions!
“Let’s Run for Congress!”