Mid January update on Lee McQueen!

Because of supporter generosity during the previous financial quarter, Lee McQueen and McQueen4Congress had sufficient means to print campaign literature for the sole Independent progressive candidate for Congress in Arkansas’s District 4 to share at a multitude of events in the Texarkana region. Your campaign donations make travel and printing for this Future Arkansas campaign and platform possible.
McQueen carried campaign literature on single payer healthcare, Medicare for All, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, an end to the Drug War to Little Rock to share at the Women’s March. At the state capitol, McQueen broadcasted the sole progressive campaign for Arkansas’s District 4 because the paper of record, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, refused to provide equal coverage and publicity to McQueen that this paper provided to her opponents. Also, McQueen’s travel to Little Rock ensured statewide recognition of the political and economic relevance of southwestern Arkansas, the ArkLaTex, and the Texarkana region which is often overlooked.

Candidate Spotlight: Lee McQueen for 4th Congressional District of Arkansas

Hard work, time, and energy ensure that McQueen continues to overcome separate and unequal campaign coverage by mainstream media. In fact, McQueen recently received full article coverage by The Bern Report and a brief mention in Arkansas Times. She has received endorsements by progressive organizations and leaders. Social media point guards have been instrumental in spreading knowledge that 92% of Arkansas’s voters chose to register themselves as “unaffiliated,” meaning that McQueen has already aligned herself as an Independent candidate with 92% of Arkansas’s voters. While District 4 appears relatively conservative, beneath the surface, McQueen finds strong leanings towards populism and libertarianism that surprise many who do not live here. Ballot petitioning is a key method to have one-on-one interactions with the voting electorate. Information is power. Therefore, an informed voter is a powerful voter.

HUFFPOLLSTER: A State-By-State Guide To Party Registration

McQueen makes strategic use of a shoestring budget funded by grassroots supporters who recognize the need for a progressive voice in Congress. Supporters invest in the McQueen4Congress campaign, an average of $23, in order to “Make Lee Competitive” to continue ballot petitioning and to share the message that regressive voting by the current congressman, obstruction, status quo sloganeering, saying anything and doing nothing are unacceptable. An Arkansas for All means free healthcare, free education, affordable housing, living wages for a full day’s work, shared prosperity, strong regional economies, and safe communities. Therefore, McQueen4Congress accepts no corporate donations or PAC money. PEOPLE COME BEFORE PROFITS.

[UPDATE 01/27/2018: Judge Moody’s ruling to extend ballot access petition deadline to May 1st applies only to the Independent running for Lieutenant Governor. All other Independents in Arkansas are expected to meet March 1st deadline, per SoS Martin. Judge Moody will decide, “case-by-case.” See: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/jan/27/state-s-march-1-petition-deadline-struc-1/%5D
All the way through to Tuesday November 6, 2018, McQueen will put in the hard work of voter education and outreach, time, and energy. She will travel Arkansas’s District 4 to clearly explain the meaning of “progressive” to those who have received inaccurate definitions from major party candidates who will say anything to win, but do nothing beyond culture war in order to avoid actual economic progress. Progressive doesn’t mean left. Progressive doesn’t mean right. Progressive means F O R W A R D. McQueen’s positions are specific and clear.
Please contribute $3, $13, $23, $33, $43 to the sole progressive campaign and candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat who takes instructions from actual voters of the district rather than major party bosses, party leaders, and their corporate donors.
You can help create a Future Arkansas for All! Please sign the ballot petition. Please contribute. Please spread the word on social media. McQueen looks forward to meeting the voters of Arkansas, District 4.
“Let’s Run for Congress!”