Ballot Access deadline is March 1st!

If you are assisting the McQueen4Congress campaign with ballot petitioning, we appreciate you SO SO VERY MUCH! We appreciate your serving as campaign surrogates and your efforts to assist with putting progressive policies back on the federal ballot ahead of the THURSDAY MARCH 1ST DEADLINE.

We’re fighting for single payer healthcare, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, an end to the Drug War and mass incarceration. We’re campaigning for shared prosperity, renewable energy and infrastructure modernization. We want a fair and just economy that works for all, not just the 1%. We’re running for Congress to see an end to recreational military interventions that put the lives of our troops needlessly at risk.

We’re in this race to unseat a representative who has made no secret or illusion that he works to represent his corporate donors rather the people who elected him to office.

We want a Future Arkansas for All!

The turn-in date for those around the state pitching in for signatures is extended to Feb 15th because some of our petitioners fell ill earlier in January. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We’re glad you’re up and at ’em again to continue the push to go past the baseline to 3000–4000 signatures.

We welcome many hands to make lighter work in order to reach more people who want to sign the petition!

If you’re in the vicinity of AR District 4, we need your help! We need all hands on deck to meet the THURSDAY MARCH 1ST DEADLINE, again going over the 2000 base line to 3000-4000. Instructions here: We want the Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot. Thank you everyone for helping us to overcome obstacles and GOOD LUCK! Please contact the campaign, if you have questions!

Thank you so much!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”