New ballot petition deadline! Tue May 1st

The original deadline was today, March 1st, a goal our team strove very hard to reach during the winter months. However, the May 1st deadline means that we can canvass door-to-door with longer days, more daylight in the evening, and warmer weather. All-around safer, healthier, and more productive for everyone.
 Thank you to the State of Arkansas for recognizing the importance of expanding access to independent voices in the electoral process. Also, recognition to Mark Moore, Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor for taking point position regarding ballot access for Independents.
Per instructions from the Attorney for Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office, Independent House candidate, McQueen did travel to the state capitol to fill out paperwork for Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District House Seat this past Tuesday, February 27th. McQueen intends to return to the state capitol once again to complete this paperwork with 2000 valid signatures by Tuesday May 1st.
McQueen looks forward to continuing her advocacy for single payer healthcare, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, end to Drug War at home, end to unnecessary military interventions overseas. etc on the federal ballot. We truly appreciate the Arkansas press and community organizations who provide equal time and access to all candidates in District 4.
We thank everyone, sincerely, for community support that brought McQueen all the way from federal filing date 09/28/2017, to public announcement 10/02/2017, to state filing date 03/01/2018, to ballot petition turn in date 05/01/2018.
Lee McQueen at Jamison's Center of Kindness for Black History Program 2 [Lee at Jamison’s Center for Kindness, waiting her turn to speak at their Black History Month Program.]
Please contact the campaign if you wish to continue gathering signatures for the TUESDAY MAY 1ST deadline at McQueen4Congress AT yahoo DOT com. We welcome everyone aboard as campaign surrogates to get Lee McQueen and the Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot.
“Let’s Run for Congress!”