McQueen officially listed as candidate with AR Secretary of State

Independent candidates have a different path towards ballot access,
which may cause confusion amongst certain websites that track elections.

To clarify: Lee McQueen is officially listed as a candidate for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office. Details at the AR SoS’s link below:

Candidate state filing stamp.pngAs an independent candidate, McQueen is required to provide 2000 valid signatures to the Arkansas Secretary of State by Tue May 1st in order to remain on the ballot for the general election, Tue November 6th.

Signature gathering is currently underway, as the campaign strives to meet the Secretary of State’s requirements.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Thank you to all who have contributed to McQueen4Congress in order to send progressive policies like single payer healthcare to Washington, DC.

Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia

Lee McQueen is actively campaigning, fighting for a full platform of progressive issues to place on the federal ballot. She has traveled District 4 including trips to CAMDEN, MAGNOLIA, EL DORADO, MONTICELLO, PINE BLUFF, FORDYCE, TEXARKANA, HOPE, ARKADELPHIA, MALVERN, HOT SPRINGS, ASHDOWN, FOREMAN, HORATIO, DE QUEEN.

However, rather than pose for photo ops with party leaders, PAC bundlers, and political operatives, McQueen listens directly to the concerns of residents, citizens, voters about major corporate parties and their very unfortunate hostility towards independent voices,
progressive policies, and people power.

Lee speaks to seniors 1Your grassroots support and faith and investment made it possible for Lee McQueen to not only travel District 4 and speak one-on-one to the people of the district, she also generated a surprising amount of media focus.

Lee speaks to seniors 2Certain figures would like to pretend independent candidates do not exist and progressive policies are fairy tales. But McQueen refuses to let that happen! Even if she has to visit newsrooms in person and place
press releases directly into editor and reporter’s hands.

However, McQueen still needs your help in order to travel the final third of the District–the Ozarks.

FordyceFor online, electronic, and credit card donors, we prefer CrowdPac . The reason being that CrowdPac is specifically customized for political causes which streamlines FEC compliance.

We also accept check and money order donations to: McQueen4Congress, P.O. Box 3414, Texarkana, TX, 75504

Lee at Horatio Feral Hog Workshop 2Sincerest thank yous to everyone! We could not continue campaigning and gathering signatures across District 4 without you!

Together we can go beyond Tuesday May 1st all the way to Tuesday November 6th and to Washington, DC!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”