Arkansas moves Forward. Not backward. And we don’t stand still!

Candidate state filing stampWith Lee McQueen’s filing for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat, the McQueen4Congress campaign has accelerated at a rapid pace. McQueen’s getting the word out to media and citizenry in university classrooms, agricultural workshops, parades, church gatherings, etc.
McQueen traveled District 4 including PINE BLUFF, FORDYCE, MONTICELLO, ASHDOWN, FOREMAN, DE QUEEN, HORATIO, HOT SPRINGS, MALVERN. The previous trip through District 4 also included HOPE, EL DORADO, MAGNOLIA, CAMDEN.
However, travel and printing campaign literature costs money, so we definitely need your help with financial contributions to the campaign either online or by check/money order to the post office box.
We love meeting people to let them know that free college tuition, single payer healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and a just economy that creates an Arkansas for All is possible and that campaign finance reform is possible.Contrary to what many centrists and corporatists of both major political parties have decided on behalf of their PACs and corporate donors, McQueen has determined that decisions like these belong in the hands of the people who vote, not those who purchase access to legislation and legislators with Big Money.
For these reasons, McQueen continues to receive endorsements from organizations such as Citizen’s Coalition for Democratization.
Have you noticed how McQueen is rarely photographed with political insiders, party leaders, party operatives, and PAC/corporate donors? This is because Arkansas’s District 4 citizens remain McQueen’s top priority. People come first.
McQueen meets hundreds of people door-knocking, canvassing, and doing the work of pounding the pavement and earning the vote. Unlike major party candidates, McQueen does not expect to purchase ballot access. She expects to win ballot access on grassroots support for progressive issues for a Future Arkansas.
To win ballot access, to put single payer healthcare on the federal ballot, McQueen requires 2000 valid signatures from registered Arkansas voters. Fortunately, as soon as she explains the Future Arkansas platform and ballot access requirements, she gets the signature! However, with little more than one month to go to deadline, McQueen still needs your help. Please see Ballot Access to learn how to talk to your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, all around District 4 about how important their signature is and the positive difference that a progressive on the ballot in the District 4 race can make.

End of the quarter financial deadline is March 31st, please assist with increasing the power of citizens and voters over corporate interests by donating to the sole progressive campaign for Congress and the sole advocate for single payer healthcare in Arkansas’s District 4.

Mt Grove Baptist ChurchThank you to Lonoke and Mt. Grove Baptist Churches for allowing McQueen to gather signatures for the ballot petition. lonoke baptist church

If you live inside Arkansas’s District 4, please sign the petition or even better, carry petitions to your friends and neighbors for their signatures!

If you live outside District 4 and/or cannot sign the petition, please donate to the campaign Your help and participation make all the difference!
“Let’s Run for Congress!”