McQueen invited to State & Local Candidates Forum

Lee McQueen has just been invited to the State and Local Candidate Forum which takes place May 4, 2018, 6:00 p.m at Martin Eisele Auditorium, Frederick M. Dierks building at North Park College, Hot Springs, AR.

This important invitation is appreciated, as well as the stated goal of the organizers, “to provide the community with equal access to each candidate.” It is an opportunity to share progressive and independent views to a larger audience.

However, the campaign is debating whether McQueen’s attendance and participation in the multi-candidate forum next month is possible. Two obstacles and concerns are (1) the cost of travel and overnight accommodations which will require an infusion of campaign donations and (2) the remaining signatures yet to be collected and acquired for ballot access.

If you’re unable to collect signatures, we appreciate your support of the campaign with financial contributions. Click “Donate” at the main website.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”