McQueen thanks AR-04 for making her a better candidate!

arkansas flagLee McQueen, Independent candidate for Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District House seat, turned in signatures to Arkansas’s Secretary of State Office in Little Rock following a last-minute push for signatures through Texarkana, Hope, Arkadelphia & Malvern.Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia


Sincere thanks to the volunteers who assisted by carrying petitions on McQueen’s behalf, serving as surrogates for the campaign. Thank you also to financial contributors who made travel possible. Door-knocking and canvassing are opportunities to log off social media and to speak face-to-face with citizens of District 4. As the Independent candidate, McQueen made full use of these opportunities for voter education, registration, and inspiration.

Lee speaks to seniors 2Presenting the FutureArkansas progressive platform to every demographic since declaring publicly, McQueen became a better candidate, speaking authoritatively to thousands on the possibilities of An Arkansas for All. She explained clearly, constitutionally, and with facts and examples that progressive policies such as single payer healthcare, healthcare for women, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, international trade, responsible gun laws, accountable veteran’s affairs, common sense foreign policy, criminal justice reform, etc serve the best interests of everyone.

As of today, McQueen still awaits the decision by Arkansas’s Secretary of State on her ballot status, and confirmation of her ability to remain a candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat. Lee and Mayoral Candidate African American Family and Friends

Working on a show-string budget, McQueen prioritized gaining additional signatures for the ballot access petition over attending the State & Local Candidate Forum to which she was invited in Hot Springs. This hard decision came down to limited economic and human resources. Donate to the campaign.

cropped-district-4-logo.pngMcQueen continues to work hard and has deepened her understanding of political, economic, social, and cultural concerns facing District 4 as a result of direct, face-to-face contact with thousands of citizens–concerns about Social Security, lack of access to affordable healthcare, the lack of affordable housing, the lack of access to affordable education, concerns about a lack of job opportunities and living wages, the lack of funding for basic public services.

Lee McQueen at Jamison's Center of Kindness for Black History Program 1One horrifying concern brought to McQueen’s attention was the large swath of working men and women in Arkansas, citizens of the United States, paying sales, income, and property taxes, without representation, into local, state, and federal government systems that exclude them. These citizens have been disenfranchised by a past felony for which they served time and paid restitution, but they still cannot vote and exercise the most basic civil right.

McQueen supports automatic restoration of voting rights to citizens who have made restitution for past mistakes.Little Rock 9 Storytelling Garland County Library 5

Per McQueen:

“Thank you District 4 for meeting me at your door-steps, making me a better candidate, and preparing me for public service!

us flagI believe in you. Thank you for believing in me.
Let’s Run for Congress!”