McQueen’s ballot access petition lacks sufficient valid signatures

For Immediate Release

May 9, 2018

McQueen’s, ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures

Lee McQueen, Independent challenger for Arkansas’s 4th District U.S. House seat has received official notification from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office that her ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures for her to be certified as a candidate for the November 6, 2018 election.

However, a large number of progressive candidates for U.S. House who support platforms similar to McQueen’s do remain active, continuing their advance towards nationwide policies that benefit a majority of Arkansans.

McQueen wishes to acknowledge and thank the volunteers and financial contributors who assisted her campaign for progressive policies such as single payer healthcare; affordable education and housing; living wage jobs; safety and security respecting civil liberties; foreign policy respecting human rights; and election integrity.

McQueen also thanks the diverse venues that allowed registered voters the opportunity to use the power of their signatures to support the concept of political independence, and the candidate willing to represent actual people and issues rather than political parties and corporate donors.

Arkansas benefits from increased democracy rather than less democracy.

To this end, McQueen supports automatic restoration of voting rights to citizens who have made restitution for past mistakes and the constitutional right of the people of Arkansas to petition for ballot initiatives. She also supports the international gold standard of election procedure including paper balloting, exit polling, hand counting, plus automatic recounts of less than 2% difference in voting totals.