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Independent progressive Lee McQueen intends to run her grassroots-inspired congressional campaign for Arkansas’s 4th District free from corporate money and influence all the way to Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Her votes are not for sale.

Lee’s votes are priceless and already belong to the people, the neighbors and friends, the consumers, the communities, the citizens, the electorate, the workers, the laborers, the families and individuals of the 4th District.

Rest assured, Lee is not afraid to stand up for the people of Arkansas’s 4th District. She’s looking forward to it!

An Arkansas for All is possible without false narratives and without false barriers or obstacles. Without corporate-funded fearmongering, gaslighting, asymmetrical psychological warfare, intimidation, greed, lies, selfishness, and dehumanization.

We, the people are the humans, not the corporations.

We, the people, are not animals.

We, the people, deserve better.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

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