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Integrity in the Election Process

Political gamesmanship should never interfere with the building of Arkansas’s strong, prosperous, healthy, happy, productive communities. For this reason, Independent Progressive Lee McQueen, candidate for U.S. Representative for Arkansas’s District 4, includes Integrity in the Election Process as part of her grassroots-inspired campaign platform in anticipation of Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Separate and unequal media coverage reveals a lack of journalistic ethics and professionalism which includes inaccurate coverage, biased coverage, or a lack of coverage.

Arkansans are fully entitled to the very best coverage our media can provide. Certainly providing free publicity to certain candidates, while restricting publicity to other candidates also reveals a lack of ethics. In a fair contest, either all candidates in the field receive media coverage, or none receive media coverage.

Les Minor, Editor; Texarkana Gazette; 101 E. Broad St.; Texarkana AR, 71854; (870) 330-7550 or (870) 330-7568 phone; lminor@texarkanagazette.com

David Bailey, Managing Editor; Arkansas Democrat Gazette;  121 E. Capitol Ave.;
Little Rock, AR 72201 OR P.O. Box 2221; Little Rock, AR 72203; phone
(501) 378-3400

Whether erecting false barriers to prevent ballot access; to providing false information to candidates and voters; to withholding information from candidates and voters; to use of unaccountable electronic voting machines with no ability to audit vote totals; election fraud has harmed countless communities across the United States.

Election fraud degrades our entire nation. Attacks upon citizens and voters as well as attacks upon the integrity of the election process itself degrades communities and violates the public’s trust.

Candidates and voters of Arkansas deserve the very best from their electoral process. An Arkansas for All means equal treatment of candidates and equal access to the ballot. An Arkansas for All means equal access to accurate information provided to candidates and voters regarding the electoral process. An Arkansas for All means use of paper ballots to cast votes, exit polling to validate the paper ballots, plus hand counting of paper ballots to confirm vote totals.

Arkansas’s Secretary of State controls the majority of the infrastructure, procedure, and process of the election system for the State of Arkansas. See Official 2018 Handbook.

Secretary of State Mark Martin; Elections Division State Capitol, Room 026; Little Rock, AR 72201; 501-682-5070 OR 800-482-1127 phone; 501-682-3408 OR 501-682-3548 fax; http://www.sos.arkansas.gov; electionsemail@sos.arkansas.gov

An Arkansas for All means Integrity in the Election Process!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

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