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McQueen CFAR photoLee McQueen (Independent) Arkansas’ 4th “The CFAR is made available to “people’s candidates” — genuine populist-progressives — as a decisive mechanism for defeating centrist-neoliberal candidates, the vast majority of major party politicos, who serve only the rich and powerful and are shills  for the corporate state. Central to the CFAR strategy are issues that are supported by 62%-80% of the voting public.  Among these are raising the minimum wage, eliminating Citizens United, supporting clean air and water, protecting Social Security and Medicare, instituting infrastructure repair, inaugurating single-payer health care, ending perpetual war and reining in militarism, and so on.” CFAR [Contract for American Renewal]

“Lee McQueen is a strong supporter of single-payer healthcare, public education, and government and corporate reforms that lift the voices and wages of regular people.” Citizen’s Coalition for Democratization

“At the very least, a candidate must support either the anti-corruption movement or some form of universal health care in order to be included in the list. Most of the candidates listed have been endorsed by one of the following groups… If you don’t have a progressive, anti-corruption candidate to support in your area, please consider financial contributions to progressive candidates in other states. No matter where you live, a Progressive Congress benefits the entire country.” JoannChateau.com

“I support Lee McQueen because she is the most knowledgeable candidate (including the incumbent) for Arkansas House District 4. Lee is knows about a wide variety of issues, speaks well on then, and is prepared to join Congress right now. She is up-to-date on legislation currently introduced in the house.” Kathryn Morse via Crowdpac

“Ms. Lee McQueen is my favorite of those who have put themselves forward for Arkansas Congressional District 4. Like me, her academic background is in Public Administration so she is informed on public policy and issues. She is an excellent speaker. I have heard her in Question and Answer sessions and she is not thrown by any question because of her knowledge. And she impresses me because she is both straightforward and diplomatic. I would love to see her speak for AR Congressional District 4 in Washington, DC. The speeches of our current congressman, Bruce Westerman, seem to me to be scripted and rehearsed. His website and newsletter appear to me to be candidate marketing rather than substantive. As a former political science professor, I find his letters full of errors and I want to mark them up in red ink and return them for corrections. I believe that we deserve to hear from all the candidates. It is my observation that political discourse in Arkansas is dominated by people and organizations whose funding can be traced back to the Koch Brothers. It seems that because they are very wealthy, they can buy influence in the media, our government and even influence our churches. They can buy influence, but they really are not experts in policy or morals. I know I want to hear other voices besides the ones that they sponsor. Ms. Lee McQueen is a voice that I want to hear. Arkansans deserve actual policy discussions rather than the rhetoric with buzzwords that we are fed by many of our current elected officials.” Katherine Morsevia McQueen4Congress Facebook page

“Your internet statements are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Your research skills are readily apparent. Having known you all of my life, I see you as someone who is passionate about whatever she is involved in. As Arkansas Congressional District 4’s representative, you can be a voice for the common people of America.” Homer McQueen

“– Lee McQueen-I (https://mcqueen4congress.wordpress.com/) (Describes her campaign as “Bernie Sanders” style)” Jack Pine Radicals [Jackpine Radicals is dedicated to promoting ideas and actions that will improve economic and social fairness in our country, and our world. That includes discussion and implementation of policies that work for all of us, and candidates for political office who favor these good policies. Broadly speaking, these are the types of policies implemented by ‘Traditional’ Democrats from the early 1930s until the mid 1970s, a period where the typical American’s prosperity grew year after year.]

DUH logo resized“Lee is running for the House from District 4 as an Independent. The majority of her positions are progressive, as is her stance on healthcare, but her approach is to present it as fiscally responsible which will appeal to the more conservative voters in her district.” Demand Universal Healthcare [In order to gain DUH’s endorsement, a candidate must not only say he or she supports NIMA, Medicare for All, or single-payer (no politispeak about “affordable” healthcare!), but they must walk their talk consistently when speaking, appearing at public events, in what they write, and most importantly, in their voting record if they have held public office.]

“I support Lee McQueen because she says straight out that she supports progressive issues.” Marilyn L Brown, via Crowdpac

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