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Single-payer healthcare is the fiscally-conservative solution to the multiple healthcare failures and debacles of the recent past as proven by economist Gerald Friedman. With single payer, everyone has healthcare (including general, dental, vision, mental, long-term, reproductive, pediatric) regardless of income level, pre-existing conditions, age, employment status, geography, etc.

Everyone already has universal access to police, fire, military defense, national guard, parks, libraries, streets, emergency services, disaster relief so it makes sense to add healthcare to the list of services guaranteed by the federal government. Everyone pays a small tax, they same way everyone pays for other government -guaranteed services. Because the pool of inclusion is so large, the risk and cost goes down. There are no premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or overages because there is no corporate profiteering.

Small businesses benefit from government-guaranteed healthcare because single payer takes the burden off small business owners to constrict expansion of their businesses, allowing them to spend more time and energy on their bottom line rather than insurance administration.

Private health insurers are unnecessary and unwelcome, rather they are dangerous, to required and preventative care. The role of private health insurance is to provide coverage for supplemental or recreational healthcare.

Women’s reproductive healthcare

Our U.S. Congress and state legislatures are composed primarily of lawyers who have no medical training, medical experience, medical degrees, or medical licenses. Practicing medicine without a license is considered a crime most of the time.

Those without professional medical degrees and licenses have NO BUSINESS interfering with medical treatment provided by trained, licensed professionals. NO BUSINESS  denying medical treatment and procedures recommended by trained, licensed professionals. NO BUSINESS violating HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Medical treatment and procedures are the provenance of the patients and their physicians who have direct access to their medical histories and medical charts, not random members of the state legislature, governor, random members of Congress, Vice-President, or President who all feel a ludicrous need to showboat with ignorance and arrogance in the delivery of life or death, personal and private medical services.

Family planning education, birth control/prevention, family support, economic justice are preferred methods to address maternal and infant mortality rates rather than criminalization, harassment, and intimidation of, as well as violence towards women.

Family support

“Family values” means actual support of family units with vacation, sick and family leave, and not the disciplining and punishment of women and children.

The United States stands alone as the only nation in the developed world that has no policy for paid family leave. Perhaps because of the “rugged individualism” dream of a long-ago frontier life that has resulted in increased maternal and infant mortality rates in modern times.

Civilized nations nurture and raise their young. A nation of barbarians refuses to nurture and raise their young. Paid family leave is a policy with multi-partisan support and prevents dependence upon social welfare programs. Provide parental leave for six months for both parents. Provide affordable, universal, federally-funded childcare and daycare.

Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to provide additional support to families with children to offset regressive payroll taxes.

“Rugged individualism” is not even a guiding concept for our military troops who value teamwork over self-glory. We as a society would benefit from a higher value given to the common sense concept of community.

Prescription Drugs research and retail

The single payer, the U.S. government, needs to step forward right now to confront multi-national pharmaceutical corporations from further exploiting and harming consumers. Negotiate prices to a reasonable, common sense level. Cut subsidies to Big Pharma corporations who use those subsidies for advertising and lobbying (bribing) members of the U.S. Congress rather than on actual research and development.

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Public Education

Control over the future of the public school system is being fought in North America. Wealthy individuals, organizations, and corporations view public schools and their students as sources of profit, as consumers, and as inventory in a captured capitalistic market system. Some term this type of predatory capitalism upon children as “reform” and “choice.” Corporate profiteering upon our youth is neither reform nor choice.

Some of America’s wealthiest citizens back school board candidates, even in states in which they don’t reside such as Louisiana, California, Minnesota, Washington, and yes, Arkansas, too. The goal is to push the oligarchical point-of-view of how public schools should operate or not operate.

Dark money, flows into school elections. Oligarchs donate to nonprofit organizations that spend that dark money in order to influence elections and public policy without disclosure. These dark money candidates support the destruction of the public school system. They support privatization, charter schools, evaluating teachers by test score rather than actual performance. The sole goal of these “reformers” is to privatize public education.

Holding the line against predatory capitalism upon children, are parents, teachers, and students themselves who fight to protect the future leaders of North America.

To counter-act overwhelming exposure, promotion, and celebration of violence in mass media, public schools administrators should require the teaching non-violent conflict resolution and humane education at all levels of education.

Private, for-profit entities like Big Pharma and soft drink companies should have no provenance over decision-making for local public school systems. Instead, public schools administrators should ensure the provision of healthy school meals to students with the assistance of Farm-to-School programs which provide food from local family farms and vocational and nutritional education opportunities.

The United States should join the rest of the world in setting eighteen years as the absolute minimum age for military recruitment. Our students and their records should be protected from access by military recruiters.

Pre-K education, vocational education, sports programs and physical education, plus music and arts education must be maintained. If we do not capture and develop the minds of our children early, they become vulnerable to other educational influences–consumerism, violence, depression, apathy.

Federal policy is required to assist parents and teachers in ensuring equal access to quality public education and to eliminate inequalities in school funding at the local and state level. Separate but equal is inherently, unequal.

Teachers and counselors should be treated and compensated as education professionals rather than undermined by volunteers and interns to the detriment of actual curriculum development and classroom management which are professional skills.

Our children and youth are not captured corporate markets. Neither are they inventory for corporate exploitation, including the school to private, for-profit prison pipeline.

Instead, the candidate supports the Youth Jobs Program proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders. This $5.5 billion program would create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans. Paid for by ending the carried interest loophole that allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than nurses, teachers, and truck drivers.

It is time to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act and cease “teaching to the test.”

Free college tuition

Senator Bernie Sanders: “…the devastating burden of high student debt not only causes enormous financial problems for individuals and families, it also destroys dreams.”

We as a nation can afford to send our youth to institutions of higher education without breaking their spirits, without mortgaging their futures, and acting as financial predators upon their future happiness. Every species on Earth endures by nurturing their young rather than by preying upon and devouring their young.

We have the financial means with which to accomplish free higher education going forward, including 4-year universities, community colleges, vocational schools, as well as forgiveness of existing student loan debt, if we cease subsidizing military over-expansion and corporate welfare to dinosaur industries. Instead, expand higher education. A tax on Wall Street transactions is another method for a federal program. Some states have used their lotteries to fund college tuition.

In the true spirit of rehabilitation, prisoners must have academic and vocational education and training in the effort to avoid repeat offenses and recidivism and to protect communities.

Arkansas has made headway in offering free community college tuition as well as free college and university tuition to students over 60-years old, but we can and should raise our expectations and go nationwide with free college tuition for all.

Funds for local community centers

“National Night Out” at Sandflats Glendale Shannon Center in Texarkana provided a positive example of the multi-use purposes and value that community centers have on surrounding neighborhoods. Isolated strangers log off the Internet and disrupt their solitude in order to walk through streets and parks, share information, exchange ideas, eat, fellowship, listen to music, and learn about each others lives. Soon, these people become actual “neighbors and friends.” Farmers markets, park events, and street parties provide similar methods to recognize that humans are meant to be social and thrive when together!

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New industries

Legalize industrial hemp for textile use. Regulate and tax hemp like potatoes, rice, cotton, wheat, soybeans, corn, any other cash crop. Legalize production, processing, and possession of recreational marijuana. Regulate and tax recreational marijuana like alcohol and tobacco.

Launch large-scale renewable energy projects the like to which Arkansas has never before been seen to take advantage of our abundant, but unfortunately under-used solar energy resources. As the state of Iowa has already discovered renewable energies like wind and biomass  are critical to improving the farm economy. In other states like Texas and Kentucky, solar has added revenue to rural economies.

Meanwhile, fossil fuel extraction poisons both urban and rural communities. The fuel is exported with no benefit to the communities contaminated along the transportation route. Renewable energy is harder to export, is most often used stateside, and therefore results in true energy independence.

The Clean Line wind transmission project across Northern Arkansas which would have paralleled the Diamond Pipeline fossil fuel pipeline project to connect energy to consumers in Memphis, Tennessee is one example of a better choice unchosen

New jobs

We need to put our people to work as soon as possible, tomorrow, on large-scale retrofitting, modernization, streamlining, rebuilding of Arkansas’s infrastructure–roads, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths, smart grid electrical transmissions, expansion of broadband and high-speed internet communications networks, public works, waterways.

We need to fill our abandoned industrial parks and buildings with active, thriving manufacturing and production of the parts necessary for renewable energy development and infrastructure modernization. We need service providers and retail workers to provide the end results to the consumers.

Our very own Ross Perot warned this nation about the giant sucking sound of jobs disappearing via misguided trade deals. Fortunately, the Green New Deal jobs, backed by the OFF Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act, are harder to export and most often remain stateside.

We as a nation and as a state accomplished big jumps in technology and engineering during the Industrial Revolution, the New Deal era, and the WWII era. We are long OVERDUE for another jump into the future. The Future of Arkansas is for All. 4th to the Future!

Local Economy

Allow communities to set higher standards than federal for environment, human rights, labor, consumer, health and safety standards.

Create incentives for co-op enterprises and credit unions.

Invest in the commons like infrastructure, mass transit, and environment by directing newly-created money through public banks which leads to job creation.

Job creation is a method to transfer wealth into the hands of the working and middle class, thereby increasing demand for goods and services, thereby creating more jobs. A 30-35 work week achieves the goal of more job creation. Those who cannot find a livable wage in the private sector should have the opportunity as well as the guarantee of living wage job opportunities in the public sector, which benefits regional economies.

Small businesses should not be hurt by out-of-date zoning ordinances, excessive taxes not paid by large corporations, fees, and bureaucratic burdens. Single payer government-guaranteed healthcare is another method to ease the burden of time, money, and energy expended on insurance administration by small business owners so they can concentrate on expansion of their enterprises.

Renewable energy development and agriculture go hand-in-hand as the state of Iowa has already discovered. In Arkansas, solar energy development is one method to increase revenue for large industrial-scale and family-sized farms, which decreases and perhaps eliminates the need for agricultural subsidies.


Any trade deal (or treaty) that includes the Investor State Dispute Settlement clause is a direct attack upon the U.S. Constitution and is a betrayal of the citizens of the United States. ISDS prevents citizens from using the U.S. judicial system from obtaining remedies for attacks upon civil, human, and labor rights, environmental abuse, and harm to consumers.

Any member of Congress who voted to grant fast-track authority to former President Obama for Transpacific Partnership ratification should be questioned regarding their stance on the renegotiation of NAFTA. An expanded NAFTA that includes specific clauses from the deservedly dead Transpacific Partnership should not be ratified by our U.S. Congress.

Minimum wage

Livable wage should be raised to at least $15/hour, then tied to inflation to keep pace with the rising cost of living. More money circulating in the hands of citizens means a larger middle-class spending on local businesses, buying property/goods/services, creating demand and adding to the tax base for prosperous community development and quality public education.

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National Debt

Increase taxes on large corporations, super-rich, polluters and enforce actual payment of those corporate taxes.

Decrease expenditures on war, armaments, corporate welfare. Eliminate subsidies to fossil fuel industries.

No privatization of Social Security.

Increase funding for Green jobs, Social Security, higher education, public transportation, environmental protection, renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation efforts.

Income/wealth inequality

The UN’s Special Rapporteur acknowledged the current, heart-breaking reality of wealth inequality in the U.S.

Supply-side (voodoo) economics does not result in job creation. Rather, supply side economics results in wealthy individuals and large corporations sitting on top of large amounts of wealth, hoarding ill-gotten gains like King Midas, which do not circulate.

Demand-side economics means transferring wealth into the hands of the working and middle class via jobs. This wealth transfer encourages spending on goods and services. Spending on goods and services increases demand. Increased demand promotes job creation and stimulates the economy as money circulates through a prosperous community with a strengthened tax base.

Fair Taxation

Fair taxation is progressive taxation.

We recommend a shift of tax burden from individuals of the working and middle class, plus a shift of tax burden from small businesses towards large corporations which have avoided paying their designated tax rate for decades. Small businesses should not be penalized with the financial burden left to them by large corporations who refuse to pay their fair share.

Most working people pay too much in taxes compared to corporations, multi-millionaires and billionaires. Many of our biggest and most profitable corporations pay little or no taxes. Much investment income is taxed at less than the rate that workers pay. We recommend the elimination of the tax loopholes and exemptions for large corporations and wealthy individuals.

Sales, property, local, other taxes mean that middle and working class people actually pay a higher rate than the 1%. Equalize the equation. Lower these regressive taxes on the working and middle class. Provide the working and middle class with tax rebates, and refunds. Bring corporate taxes into line with world norms and enforce actual collection and payment of that designated tax rate. Slash tax loopholes and giveaways via the tax code. Everyone should pay their fair share.

We recommend simplification of the tax system.

Corporate Power

Corporate leaders don’t just control their corporations, they now exercise control over three branches of government, which is oligarchy, which is unacceptable in a nation that attempts to declare itself a democracy.

The current legal structure of corporations requires profits above all else, including equal protection, equal opportunity, fair play, environment, human rights, public health (for example, Energy Transfer Partners’s violent suppression of Standing Rock Sioux Nation and water protectors).

Artificial personhood granted to corporations via Citizens United must be reversed with federal and state constitutional amendments.

Anti-trust laws and regulatory efforts must be strengthened. Corporate charters must strengthen the rights of shareholders to stop corporate abuse. Shareholders should have the right to regulate and reduce excessive executive pay.

States must revoke the charters of those corporations that violate safety, health, environment, human rights laws.

Business regulation

We need to closely examine ineffective regulations that harm small businesses and prevent the small businesses from expanding and growing. Small business expansion is helpful for community prosperity.

Small businesses should not be hurt by out-of-date zoning ordinances, excessive taxes not paid by large corporations, fees, and bureaucratic burdens. However, single payer government-guaranteed healthcare is another method to ease the burden of time, money, and energy expended by small business owners so they can concentrate on expansion of their enterprises.

At the same time, we need to shut the revolving door and maintain distance between regulatory boards and the regulated, never the twain shall meet.

Strengthen the civil justice system to hold corporations liable for corporate crime, fraud, violence, and malfeasance. Revoke the charters of corporations that persistently violate safety, health, environmental protection, or other laws.

Empower shareholders to stop abuses by the managers they hire through a structure of democratic governance and elections.

Enforce existing antitrust laws and support even tougher new ones to curtail the overwhelming economic and political power of large corporations. Increase funding for and strengthen oversight of federal antitrust enforcement.

Insurance Reform

Prohibit price-fixing and avoidance of obligation by private insurers.

Eliminate the for-profit cash money bail system and the ability for private insurers to underwrite those bonds.

Enact single payer healthcare to eliminate private insurer profiteering from death and disease.

Prohibit large companies from being the insurance beneficiaries of their own employees.

Support secondary financial markets that expand credit for economic development, affordable housing, home ownership, sustainable agriculture, rural development, family farms. In other words, reward good behavior.

Banking reform

End tax-payer bailouts of banks insurers, and other financial services institutions. The federal government should not be the guarantor of last resort for irresponsible and risky speculation. At the very least, any federal relief provided should be provided equally at the local level for instance to homeowners and small businesses.

Establish a tax on stock, bond, foreign currency, and financial derivatives transactions to discourage risky and reckless speculation and to generate revenue for nationwide higher and vocational education.

Establish a 10% cap on interest rates above inflation for credit cards, mortgages, payday loans, etc.

Re-enact Glass-Steagall which limited the conflicts of interest created when commercial banks are permitted to underwrite stocks or bonds, and established the FDIC, and strengthened the Federal Reserve’s ability to control credit, and prohibited risky economic transactions.

Community Reinvestment Act should be extended with close scrutiny of foreclosure and anti-redlining laws. Establish a moratorium on fraudulent foreclosures without legal clearance or documentation, specifically for those homes used as the primary residence.

More charter community banks should be capitalized with public funds similar to the stable and financially-solid public Bank of North Dakota that has existed for over one hundred years. Public banks are more profitable, safer, less corrupt, and more accountable overall than private banks. Phil Murphy, himself a former Wall Street banker recently elected to the governor’s seat in New Jersey, has indicated his intentions to establish such a public bank for the benefit of citizens and their communities in New Jersey.

Prosecute criminal bank speculation, predatory home loans, large-scale securitization with prison terms, revocation of charter, seizure of assets.

We recommend forgiveness of all student and parent loans for post-secondary and vocational education. The approximately $40 billion required is a fraction of the cost used to bailout the big banks and to create the latest financial war package.

Money reform

Nationalize the twelve reserve banks and reconstitute them under a new Monetary Board Authority under the U.S. Treasury. Stop allowance of the private creation of money by private banks rather than public banks.

Privatized control of the money system has led to irresponsible speculation, toxic loans, and phony financial instruments and has created no real wealth or jobs.

Governments must take back the special money creation privilege from private banks. The Monetary Board Authority, FDIC, SEC, U.S. Treasury, Congressional Budget Office, must redefine bank lending rules, end private bank money creation, and the fractional reserve system.

Spend newly-created money into circulation by directing those funds through community banks like Bank of North Dakota and interest-free loans to local/state entities for infrastructure modernization, health projects, education, etc. The American Society of Civil Engineers has already stated the need for $2.2 trillion for our nationwide infrastructure needs, which can be accomplished in this manner.

Campaign finance reform

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering. They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob. Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

Reverse Citizens United. Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. People are not animals. Abolish corporate personhood with federal and state constitutional amendments.

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Mass incarceration/Drug War

End both mass incarceration and the Drug War which have gone beyond destabilizing neighborhoods to devastating entire cities and sometimes entire countries. Mass incarceration is slavery, as defined by the exception clause in the 13th Amendment.

Legalize marijuana. Decriminalize street drugs. Retrain police to protect, assist, and serve citizens rather than to hunt and kill citizens.

The Drug War cannot be won. The Drug War is lost with no end in sight.  The Drug War is a failed, out-dated policy from the 70s and 80s. Send the victims of this catastrophe of a War to drug treatment, mental therapy, and provide them with life skills training and a program of productive re-entry into society. Find better, more honorable priorities for police to fulfill.

Militarized police

Military weaponry should not be used on domestic soil against citizens of the United States. Citizens fund the police to protect and serve citizens, not to hunt and kill citizens. Community policing, as demonstrated by National Night Out, plus citizen governing boards provide the correct law enforcement balance to ensure fairness rather than terror as a criminal justice goal.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Our police forces deserve better funding, better salaries, better benefits in equal proportion to the hazards they face on the job.

It is an absolute disgrace to send our police out into the communities in which they are expected to serve with a shopping list to make up for budget shortfalls by seizing citizens’ assets. This is an embarrassment and a shame in a nation as wealthy as the United States. Our police should not have to create atmospheres of stress and tension just to gather up resources to pawn when the better solution is to actually pay these men and women what they are worth.

Equip our police with high quality gear appropriate to the job. Allow our police the benefit of a positive working environment and the hero status they deserve in the communities they serve.

For-profit money bail system

End this miserable, greedy industry under-written by predatory insurance corporations. The for-profit money bail system is a disgusting violation of the “innocent until proven guilty” expectation and is another corporate over-reach and tool of destructive economic injustice upon the lives of the poor and indigent.

Gun violence/Gun control

Congressman Joe Kennedy III: “We can decide that one person’s right to bear arms does not come at the expense of a neighbor’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The Brady Bill requires background checks on individuals before the individual purchases a firearm from a federally-licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer. If there are no restrictions, ownership of the firearm may be transferred upon approval by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) maintained by the FBI.

Some loopholes remain, for instance the gun show and  online purchase loopholes that permits sale of weapons without background checks. Our U.S. Constitution is clear. Which means, we as a nation have failed our constitutional obligation to maintain a well-regulated militia. At this time, car ownership and liquor sales are more well-regulated than gun ownership.

Extend background checks to all private sales of firearms.

Electoral reform

Provide equal access of candidates to media, debate forums, voter information. Provide equal access of voters to candidate/ballot measure information and polling places.

The gold standard of elections is paper balloting, exit polling, hand-counting, automatic recounts of less than 1% difference.

End gerry-mandering. Stop fighting citizens on ranked choice or approval voting measures. Move election day to Saturday or Sunday. Reinstate the full force of the Voting Rights Act.

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Entrance and exit laws should be enforced equally rather than preference provided for certain groups from one country over another.

Former Congresswoman & Chair of Immigration Reform Committee Barbara Jordan: “Deportation is crucial. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. The top priorities for detention and removal, of course, are criminal aliens. But for the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process.”

And: “It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

And “Our patience is growing thin toward those attempting to overwhelm the will of the American people by acts that ignore, manipulate, or circumvent our immigration laws. Unless this country does a better job in curbing illegal immigration, we risk irreparably undermining our commitment to legal immigration.”

And “… a well-regulated system of legal immigration is in our national interest,”

And: “Any nation worth its salt must control its borders.”

Military intervention

Economist James K. Galbraith: “There is a reason for the vulnerability of empires. To maintain one against opposition requires war — steady, unrelenting, unending war. And war is ruinous — from a legal, moral and economic point of view. It can ruin the losers, such as Napoleonic France, or Imperial Germany in 1918. And it can ruin the victors, as it did the British and the Soviets in the 20th century. Conversely, Germany and Japan recovered well from World War II, in part because they were spared reparations and did not have to waste national treasure on defense in the aftermath of defeat… The real economic cost of Bush’s empire building is twofold: It diverts attention from pressing economic problems at home and it sets the United States on a long-term imperial path that is economically ruinous.”

Preferable to economically ruinous military interventions is a pivot towards diplomacy, international aid, plus cooperation with other nations in existing diplomatic bodies.

AUMF — Authorization for the Use of Military Force

The duty for declaration of war has been assigned by the U.S. Constitution to the U.S. Congress. Not the U.S. President!  The U.S. Congress has proven constitutionally derelict in taking responsibility for war power on behalf of the citizens they represent. The U.S. Congress has failed to check and balance the power of the U.S. President. This must change. The U.S. Congress must regain responsibility for war-making, or not war-making, and then provide accountability to the people of their districts for the reasons why or why not.

Defense spending

As pointed out by economist James K. Galbraith, the U.S. has over-extended its empire and is on a historical schedule of decline. Much as Rome, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany over-extended their military defense and then declined. The center cannot hold. Empire building abroad is destroying community building at home.

Defense spending is not just money allocated to the Department of Defense. This spending includes private military contractor CEO salaries, lobbyist salaries (to buy access to Congress), operation of military bases abroad, support personnel abroad, weapons development and testing, fossil fuel consumption, foreign aid, etc.

In 2011, a study by economists from the University of Massachusetts showed that putting this money used for “military defense” into any other area–infrastructure, transportation, alternative energy, health care, education–creates up to twice as many jobs as military spending does.

Close superfluous military bases abroad. It is time for our troops to return home. Support our troops! Stop abusing our troops! Bring our troops home where they belong to provide leadership in the retrofitting, rebuilding and revitalization of our damaged coastlines, cities, and suburbs. We need our troops and we need to pay them what they’re worth!


The candidate recognizes and supports the work of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, an advocacy group in Great Britain, as well as Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, advocacy groups in the United States. Peace, justice, and unity are the stated goals of these groups. Peace, justice, and unity are worthy goals of any nation, including the United States.

The United States has created more problems than it has solved in the Middle East overall, and has sacrificed too many lives of our U.S. military servicemen and women on ineffective Middle East strategies and endless war. Clearly, history has already proven that we are not the world’s policeman.

The U.S. Congress should not be in the business of crafting unconstitutional legislation. Legislation that contradicts the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, including S-720 Israel Anti-Boycott Act, fits the definition of unconstitutional.

Alterations to our U.S. Constitution require a lengthy approval process. “A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States).” Alterations to our U.S. Constitution are not the provenance of any foreign power.

Foreign aid

Unless and until our citizens in the United States are fed, clothed, housed, educated, and provided with healthcare and basic income for a reasonably safe and secure existence, no foreign aid.

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