“Let’s Run for Congress!”

In the spirit of community service and civic engagement, independent progressive Lee McQueen is running for Congress to represent the people of Arkansas’s 4th district. She believes in An Arkansas for All with strong, prosperous, healthy, happy, productive communities that soar like the Ozarks and shine like diamonds.

However, it takes more than great weather to build strong, prosperous, healthy, happy, productive communities!

  • Single payer healthcare
  • Affordable education and housing for all
  • Good jobs with living wages
  • Responsible businesses and strong tax base
  • Renewable energy development and infrastructure modernization
  • Safety and security with respect for civil liberties
  • Foreign policy with respect for human rights
  • Integrity and trust in the election process and active civic engagement

Political gamesmanship should never interfere with the building of strong, prosperous, healthy, happy, productive communities.

Lee intends to work for responsible use of Arkansas’s abundant natural resources including dense pine forests, rapid rivers, flowing streams, and fertile farmland; but most especially, bright sun and cooling wind which are both abundant in the Natural State, but unfortunately remain under-used. As with Kentucky, Lee intends to assist with re-introduction of hemp as another cash crop for Arkansas, along with the agricultural, manufacturing, and processing jobs that result from the addition of new industries.

Lee feels that the 4th District can lead the Natural State with a clear vision of a future without boundary, border, or frontier. Neither height nor depth can contain or restrain Arkansans.

In this regard, since congresswomen vote on federal policy, the 4th District also has the ability to influence this entire nation’s future. For this reason, Lee takes the responsibility of representation as a serious duty. For this reason, she needs your vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

But in fact, A Future Arkansas for All starts now, with the decisions we make today. We go 4th to the Future.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

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