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“4” surrounded by green outline of state of Arkansas with the word “District” centered over “4.”

The majority of U.S. political logos at the federal level use red, white, and blue as part of the design, the colors of the national flag.

However, Arkansas is the “Natural State” with abundant resources like forests and industries like agriculture. Future possibilities include super-exploitation of the most abundant but least-used natural and renewable resource in Arkansas–solar energy. So the outline of the state is green.

Green also symbolizes money and revenue which is the candidate’s goal for the state of Arkansas–to increase personal wealth of individuals and health of small businesses of Arkansas’s District 4.

Increased personal wealth and small business health plus higher quality of life for District 4 are priorities, not only for Arkansas, but the entire nation, with Arkansas being the symbol of possibilites which is why the green outline of Arkansas and District 4 rest front and center in this logo.

The McQueen4Congress campaign is clearly not about the candidate. The campaign is about the residents of Arkansas’s District 4 and possibilities for the entire nation.

The design is clean and deceptively simple but delivers required information. Someone named, “McQueen” is running for “Congress,” likely from the state of “Arkansas,” even more likely from “District 4,”on a green platform.

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