McQueen’s ballot access petition lacks sufficient valid signatures

For Immediate Release

May 9, 2018

McQueen’s, ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures

Lee McQueen, Independent challenger for Arkansas’s 4th District U.S. House seat has received official notification from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office that her ballot access petition lacks sufficient signatures for her to be certified as a candidate for the November 6, 2018 election.

However, a large number of progressive candidates for U.S. House who support platforms similar to McQueen’s do remain active, continuing their advance towards nationwide policies that benefit a majority of Arkansans.

McQueen wishes to acknowledge and thank the volunteers and financial contributors who assisted her campaign for progressive policies such as single payer healthcare; affordable education and housing; living wage jobs; safety and security respecting civil liberties; foreign policy respecting human rights; and election integrity.

McQueen also thanks the diverse venues that allowed registered voters the opportunity to use the power of their signatures to support the concept of political independence, and the candidate willing to represent actual people and issues rather than political parties and corporate donors.

Arkansas benefits from increased democracy rather than less democracy.

To this end, McQueen supports automatic restoration of voting rights to citizens who have made restitution for past mistakes and the constitutional right of the people of Arkansas to petition for ballot initiatives. She also supports the international gold standard of election procedure including paper balloting, exit polling, hand counting, plus automatic recounts of less than 2% difference in voting totals.

McQueen thanks AR-04 for making her a better candidate!

arkansas flagLee McQueen, Independent candidate for Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District House seat, turned in signatures to Arkansas’s Secretary of State Office in Little Rock following a last-minute push for signatures through Texarkana, Hope, Arkadelphia & Malvern.Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia


Sincere thanks to the volunteers who assisted by carrying petitions on McQueen’s behalf, serving as surrogates for the campaign. Thank you also to financial contributors who made travel possible. Door-knocking and canvassing are opportunities to log off social media and to speak face-to-face with citizens of District 4. As the Independent candidate, McQueen made full use of these opportunities for voter education, registration, and inspiration.

Lee speaks to seniors 2Presenting the FutureArkansas progressive platform to every demographic since declaring publicly, McQueen became a better candidate, speaking authoritatively to thousands on the possibilities of An Arkansas for All. She explained clearly, constitutionally, and with facts and examples that progressive policies such as single payer healthcare, healthcare for women, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, international trade, responsible gun laws, accountable veteran’s affairs, common sense foreign policy, criminal justice reform, etc serve the best interests of everyone.

As of today, McQueen still awaits the decision by Arkansas’s Secretary of State on her ballot status, and confirmation of her ability to remain a candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat. Lee and Mayoral Candidate African American Family and Friends

Working on a show-string budget, McQueen prioritized gaining additional signatures for the ballot access petition over attending the State & Local Candidate Forum to which she was invited in Hot Springs. This hard decision came down to limited economic and human resources. Donate to the campaign.

cropped-district-4-logo.pngMcQueen continues to work hard and has deepened her understanding of political, economic, social, and cultural concerns facing District 4 as a result of direct, face-to-face contact with thousands of citizens–concerns about Social Security, lack of access to affordable healthcare, the lack of affordable housing, the lack of access to affordable education, concerns about a lack of job opportunities and living wages, the lack of funding for basic public services.

Lee McQueen at Jamison's Center of Kindness for Black History Program 1One horrifying concern brought to McQueen’s attention was the large swath of working men and women in Arkansas, citizens of the United States, paying sales, income, and property taxes, without representation, into local, state, and federal government systems that exclude them. These citizens have been disenfranchised by a past felony for which they served time and paid restitution, but they still cannot vote and exercise the most basic civil right.

McQueen supports automatic restoration of voting rights to citizens who have made restitution for past mistakes.Little Rock 9 Storytelling Garland County Library 5

Per McQueen:

“Thank you District 4 for meeting me at your door-steps, making me a better candidate, and preparing me for public service!

us flagI believe in you. Thank you for believing in me.
Let’s Run for Congress!”

Please bring your signatures to AR State Capitol Bldg, Little Rock, Tue May 1st by 10am, THANK YOU!!!

Campaign Photo 30This past week, Independent candidate for Arkansas’s 4th House District Lee McQueen helped to gather signatures in Texarkana, Hope, Arkadelphia, Malvern.

Arkansas 4 All Logo

Will you meet her in Little Rock at the State Capitol building tomorrow Tue May 1st by 10:00am with more signatures? We’d like every signature to count!

This is an extraordinarily progressive campaign, working for ballot access in one of the most conservative districts and one of the most conservative states in the nation. We’ve talked to many people about healthcare, education, jobs, the economy, veterans, foreign policy, etc. Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia

Most people want the same things–the best lives possible for themselves and those that they love.

There’s still time for a #FutureArkansas!

Get the petition pdf, enlarge, sign your name, and then ask the people in your circle–family, friends, neighbors, etc. But first, sign YOUR name!

We’ll meet you in Little Rock Tue 5/1, 10am, State Capitol!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”


McQueen invited to State & Local Candidates Forum

Lee McQueen has just been invited to the State and Local Candidate Forum which takes place May 4, 2018, 6:00 p.m at Martin Eisele Auditorium, Frederick M. Dierks building at North Park College, Hot Springs, AR.

This important invitation is appreciated, as well as the stated goal of the organizers, “to provide the community with equal access to each candidate.” It is an opportunity to share progressive and independent views to a larger audience.

However, the campaign is debating whether McQueen’s attendance and participation in the multi-candidate forum next month is possible. Two obstacles and concerns are (1) the cost of travel and overnight accommodations which will require an infusion of campaign donations and (2) the remaining signatures yet to be collected and acquired for ballot access.

If you’re unable to collect signatures, we appreciate your support of the campaign with financial contributions. Click “Donate” at the main website.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

We Still need your help gathering 10, 20 50, 75 signatures!

Lee McQueen is still working hard to gather last 1000 signatures for ballot access, but she needs the help of District 4, the people who want common sense drug laws, foreign policy, single payer healthcare, $15 minimum wage, free college tuition, etc. Lee McQueen Ballot Petitions at TXK Xmas ParadeArkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia
Most people Lee speaks with door-to-door favor these policies regardless of political party. What Lee finds is a weariness of political circuses, trash talk, and game-playing.
The people of District 4 who want the best lives and futures for their families and their communities can help to make this happen because there’s still time!Get McQueen on the Ballot
If you care about living wage jobs; affordable college, education, healthcare; protecting our military servicemen and women; campaign finance reform, we need your help to put these issues on the federal ballot!
Please help collect 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 or 75 signatures to send to the sole Independent and progressive campaign for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat! Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people you meet at festivals and events… many hands make lighter work.MCQUEEN ballot petition
Instructions, campaign handbills, and blank petitions at the link. Thank you!
P.S. If you’re unable to collect signatures, we appreciate your support of the campaign with financial contributions. Click “Donate” at the main website.
“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Arkansas & Stateline 3

Down to the wire on ballot signatures (due May 1st)! Can you help?

Down to the wire and Lee McQueen’s running for Congress as an Independent and progressive, fighting for the historical opportunity to put a Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot from Arkansas–single payer healthcare, $15 minimum wage, free college tuition (which AR already offers to those 60+), affordable housing, common sense drug laws, and a just economy.

In addition, McQueen’s racking up endorsements for the sole campaign in District 4 that advocates for single payer healthcare, from Demand Universal Healthcare, Jack Pine Radicals, Candidates With a Contract, and most recently Contract for American Renewal, etc.

Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia

McQueen’s campaign is based in Texarkana, but the district spreads tall and wide from Texarkana to Mena, Ozark, Clarksville, Hot Springs, Lewisville, Fordyce, Pine Bluff, Star City, El Dorado, etc. We really need your help!

If you have already signed the petition, and about 1000 of you already have, we thank you so much for your crucial vote of confidence. But have your churches, friends, neighbors, co-workers, cousins, mother, father, sister, brother, in-laws, aunts, uncles signed the petition??? All the people in your neighborhood, and at festivals and gatherings?

That’s exactly who we’re missing!

Please help us find the people we haven’t reached yet! If you have at least 10 people in your circle, they can fill up an entire petition page. But what if you have 20, 30, 40, 50 people in your circle? Well, that’s how we win!

McQueen currently has approximately 1000 signatures from registered voters in Arkansas’s District 4, but she actually needs 2000 by noon, May 1st! 1000 additional ballot signatures activates a progressive voice in the race to fill a federal seat and to vote on nation-wide legislation.

Please use the BALLOT ACCESS PETITION pdf of the ballot petition, but enlarge it to 8 1/2 x 14, per instructions of the Arkansas Secretary of State. We’re looking for assistance in cities large and small, urban and rural, all around District 4.

If we haven’t reached you yet, then please reach US, prior to May 1st!!! We need you!

Instructions on how to fill out the ballot petition available online.

All together now! “LET’S RUN FOR CONGRESS!”

Arkansas moves Forward. Not backward. And we don’t stand still!

Candidate state filing stampWith Lee McQueen’s filing for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat, the McQueen4Congress campaign has accelerated at a rapid pace. McQueen’s getting the word out to media and citizenry in university classrooms, agricultural workshops, parades, church gatherings, etc.
McQueen traveled District 4 including PINE BLUFF, FORDYCE, MONTICELLO, ASHDOWN, FOREMAN, DE QUEEN, HORATIO, HOT SPRINGS, MALVERN. The previous trip through District 4 also included HOPE, EL DORADO, MAGNOLIA, CAMDEN.
However, travel and printing campaign literature costs money, so we definitely need your help with financial contributions to the campaign either online or by check/money order to the post office box.
We love meeting people to let them know that free college tuition, single payer healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and a just economy that creates an Arkansas for All is possible and that campaign finance reform is possible.Contrary to what many centrists and corporatists of both major political parties have decided on behalf of their PACs and corporate donors, McQueen has determined that decisions like these belong in the hands of the people who vote, not those who purchase access to legislation and legislators with Big Money.
For these reasons, McQueen continues to receive endorsements from organizations such as Citizen’s Coalition for Democratization.
Have you noticed how McQueen is rarely photographed with political insiders, party leaders, party operatives, and PAC/corporate donors? This is because Arkansas’s District 4 citizens remain McQueen’s top priority. People come first.
McQueen meets hundreds of people door-knocking, canvassing, and doing the work of pounding the pavement and earning the vote. Unlike major party candidates, McQueen does not expect to purchase ballot access. She expects to win ballot access on grassroots support for progressive issues for a Future Arkansas.
To win ballot access, to put single payer healthcare on the federal ballot, McQueen requires 2000 valid signatures from registered Arkansas voters. Fortunately, as soon as she explains the Future Arkansas platform and ballot access requirements, she gets the signature! However, with little more than one month to go to deadline, McQueen still needs your help. Please see Ballot Access to learn how to talk to your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, all around District 4 about how important their signature is and the positive difference that a progressive on the ballot in the District 4 race can make.

End of the quarter financial deadline is March 31st, please assist with increasing the power of citizens and voters over corporate interests by donating to the sole progressive campaign for Congress and the sole advocate for single payer healthcare in Arkansas’s District 4.

Mt Grove Baptist ChurchThank you to Lonoke and Mt. Grove Baptist Churches for allowing McQueen to gather signatures for the ballot petition. lonoke baptist church

If you live inside Arkansas’s District 4, please sign the petition or even better, carry petitions to your friends and neighbors for their signatures!

If you live outside District 4 and/or cannot sign the petition, please donate to the campaign Your help and participation make all the difference!
“Let’s Run for Congress!”

McQueen officially listed as candidate with AR Secretary of State

Independent candidates have a different path towards ballot access,
which may cause confusion amongst certain websites that track elections.

To clarify: Lee McQueen is officially listed as a candidate for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office. Details at the AR SoS’s link below:

Candidate state filing stamp.pngAs an independent candidate, McQueen is required to provide 2000 valid signatures to the Arkansas Secretary of State by Tue May 1st in order to remain on the ballot for the general election, Tue November 6th.

Signature gathering is currently underway, as the campaign strives to meet the Secretary of State’s requirements.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Thank you to all who have contributed to McQueen4Congress in order to send progressive policies like single payer healthcare to Washington, DC.

Arkansas 4th District Map Wikipedia

Lee McQueen is actively campaigning, fighting for a full platform of progressive issues to place on the federal ballot. She has traveled District 4 including trips to CAMDEN, MAGNOLIA, EL DORADO, MONTICELLO, PINE BLUFF, FORDYCE, TEXARKANA, HOPE, ARKADELPHIA, MALVERN, HOT SPRINGS, ASHDOWN, FOREMAN, HORATIO, DE QUEEN.

However, rather than pose for photo ops with party leaders, PAC bundlers, and political operatives, McQueen listens directly to the concerns of residents, citizens, voters about major corporate parties and their very unfortunate hostility towards independent voices,
progressive policies, and people power.

Lee speaks to seniors 1Your grassroots support and faith and investment made it possible for Lee McQueen to not only travel District 4 and speak one-on-one to the people of the district, she also generated a surprising amount of media focus.

Lee speaks to seniors 2Certain figures would like to pretend independent candidates do not exist and progressive policies are fairy tales. But McQueen refuses to let that happen! Even if she has to visit newsrooms in person and place
press releases directly into editor and reporter’s hands.

However, McQueen still needs your help in order to travel the final third of the District–the Ozarks.

FordyceFor online, electronic, and credit card donors, we prefer CrowdPac . The reason being that CrowdPac is specifically customized for political causes which streamlines FEC compliance.

We also accept check and money order donations to: McQueen4Congress, P.O. Box 3414, Texarkana, TX, 75504

Lee at Horatio Feral Hog Workshop 2Sincerest thank yous to everyone! We could not continue campaigning and gathering signatures across District 4 without you!

Together we can go beyond Tuesday May 1st all the way to Tuesday November 6th and to Washington, DC!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

New ballot petition deadline! Tue May 1st

The original deadline was today, March 1st, a goal our team strove very hard to reach during the winter months. However, the May 1st deadline means that we can canvass door-to-door with longer days, more daylight in the evening, and warmer weather. All-around safer, healthier, and more productive for everyone.
 Thank you to the State of Arkansas for recognizing the importance of expanding access to independent voices in the electoral process. Also, recognition to Mark Moore, Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor for taking point position regarding ballot access for Independents.
Per instructions from the Attorney for Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office, Independent House candidate, McQueen did travel to the state capitol to fill out paperwork for Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District House Seat this past Tuesday, February 27th. McQueen intends to return to the state capitol once again to complete this paperwork with 2000 valid signatures by Tuesday May 1st.
McQueen looks forward to continuing her advocacy for single payer healthcare, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, end to Drug War at home, end to unnecessary military interventions overseas. etc on the federal ballot. We truly appreciate the Arkansas press and community organizations who provide equal time and access to all candidates in District 4.
We thank everyone, sincerely, for community support that brought McQueen all the way from federal filing date 09/28/2017, to public announcement 10/02/2017, to state filing date 03/01/2018, to ballot petition turn in date 05/01/2018.
Lee McQueen at Jamison's Center of Kindness for Black History Program 2 [Lee at Jamison’s Center for Kindness, waiting her turn to speak at their Black History Month Program.]
Please contact the campaign if you wish to continue gathering signatures for the TUESDAY MAY 1ST deadline at McQueen4Congress AT yahoo DOT com. We welcome everyone aboard as campaign surrogates to get Lee McQueen and the Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot.
“Let’s Run for Congress!”