New ballot petition deadline – Tue May 1st

Just confirmed with the Attorney for Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office that as an Independent candidate, we can start the 90-day signature gathering period Friday February 1st, ending TUESDAY MAY 1ST, when we have to turn in 2000 valid signatures in-person at the state capitol in Little Rock.

The original deadline was March 1st, a goal our team strove very hard to reach during the winter months. However, the May 1st deadline means that we can canvass door-to-door with longer days, more daylight in the evening, and warmer weather.

All-around safer, healthier, and more productive for everyone.

Thank you to the State of Arkansas for recognizing the importance of expanding access to independent voices in the electoral process. Also, recognition to Mark Moore, Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor for taking point position regarding ballot access for Independents.

Please contact the campaign if you wish to continue gathering signatures for the TUESDAY MAY 1ST deadline at McQueen4Congress AT yahoo DOT com. We welcome everyone aboard as campaign surrogates to get Lee McQueen and the Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Did you see Lee McQueen on the AR-04 campaign trail?

Your contributions, support, belief, & optimism got Lee McQueen there–PINE BLUFF, HOT SPRINGS, ARKADELPHIA, HOPE, TEXARKANA, CAMDEN, MAGNOLIA, EL DORADO!

McQueen attended the Grand Opening of Bee Line, M A R D I G R A S celebration time in TEXARKANA. She provided updates on the McQueen2018 campaign for AR-04 House seat,  took questions, collected ballot signatures, and shared campaign literature. Get McQueen on the Ballot

We also greatly enjoyed our recent visit to PINE BLUFF, participating in an education policy discussion at UA-Pine Bluff, and hope to return very soon!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people we met in Pine Bluff at the university, college, newspaper, senior center, library, church, EVERYWHERE who offered to volunteer, contribute to, and support this independent, progressive campaign for Arkansas’s District 4. Little Rock 9 Storytelling Garland County Library 2

Garland County Library in HOT SPRINGS is a wonderful, vibrant contributor to culture & community. We enjoyed the librarians, the people, the programming, especially Little Rock 9 Storytelling with Linda Gorham! Little Rock 9 Storytelling Garland County Library 5       Little Rock 9 Storytelling 1 Garland County Library 1

We followed a night of jazz at Garland County Library with open mic poetry at Koffee Kollective, also in HOT SPRINGS, where McQueen explained her main reason for publicly declaring herself a candidate in Arkansas’s District 4 House race on 10/02/2017–single payer healthcare. Lee & Garland County Library Board Member

We wish to thank Brianna Fricks, Black Student Association, and Henderson University for inviting McQueen as guest speaker at the State of the Black Union Conference in ARKADELPHIA.

McQueen sincerely appreciated the opportunity to hold forth on issues of the day, concerns that affect most of us, and positive steps for the future.

Henderson University alumni have every reason to be proud of the new generation of Millenials striving towards excellence in academia.

Lee State of Black Union Henderson University 5.png

 McQueen participated in discussions regarding Farm-to-School [F2S] partnerships that link two extremely important issues in the state of Arkansas–Education & Agriculture. Much appreciation for the education and the opportunities to participate in discussions with experts in both fields in TEXARKANA. Lee at Farm to School Conference Texarkana

Thank you EL DORADO for the opportunity to participate in the celebration of African American Friends & Family Day! Independent House candidate Lee McQueen made the full triangle also visiting CAMDEN and MAGNOLIA on an event-filled Saturday to greet as many residents as possible and to pick up additional signatures for ballot access. We appreciate each opportunity to educate and be educated on important issues for Arkansas’s District 4. Lee at African American Family and Friends El Dorado

Lee and Mayoral Candidate African American Family and Friends

McQueen filed with the FEC, September 28, 2017, and declared herself a candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat publicly on October 2, 2017.  She has worked hard to campaign and get the word out for progressive causes ever since.

McQueen needs 2000 valid signatures to qualify for ballot access. Please help McQueen to continue the battle for ballot access all the way to the UPDATE: Tuesday May 1, 2018 filing deadline in order to put progressive causes such as single payer healthcare, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, etc on the federal ballot for Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Thank you!

Arkansas 4 All Logo

“Let’s Run for Congress!”




Ballot Access deadline is March 1st!

If you are assisting the McQueen4Congress campaign with ballot petitioning, we appreciate you SO SO VERY MUCH! We appreciate your serving as campaign surrogates and your efforts to assist with putting progressive policies back on the federal ballot ahead of the THURSDAY MARCH 1ST DEADLINE.

We’re fighting for single payer healthcare, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, an end to the Drug War and mass incarceration. We’re campaigning for shared prosperity, renewable energy and infrastructure modernization. We want a fair and just economy that works for all, not just the 1%. We’re running for Congress to see an end to recreational military interventions that put the lives of our troops needlessly at risk.

We’re in this race to unseat a representative who has made no secret or illusion that he works to represent his corporate donors rather the people who elected him to office.

We want a Future Arkansas for All!

The turn-in date for those around the state pitching in for signatures is extended to Feb 15th because some of our petitioners fell ill earlier in January. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We’re glad you’re up and at ’em again to continue the push to go past the baseline to 3000–4000 signatures.

We welcome many hands to make lighter work in order to reach more people who want to sign the petition!

If you’re in the vicinity of AR District 4, we need your help! We need all hands on deck to meet the THURSDAY MARCH 1ST DEADLINE, again going over the 2000 base line to 3000-4000. Instructions here: We want the Future Arkansas platform on the federal ballot. Thank you everyone for helping us to overcome obstacles and GOOD LUCK! Please contact the campaign, if you have questions!

Thank you so much!

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Independent Candidate Ballot Access Petition Deadline Update

UPDATE 01/27/2018: Judge Moody’s ruling to extend ballot access petition deadline to May 1st applies only to the Independent running for Lieutenant Governor. All other Independents in Arkansas are expected to meet March 1st deadline, per SoS Martin. Judge Moody will decide, “case-by-case.”
UPDATE 02/01/2018: McQueen4Congress will continue to work to meet the Thursday March 1st deadline. Thank you to all of our campaign surrogates for helping us to put progressive policies back on the Arkansas ballot!

Lee McQueen Listed in “Black Women in Politics” Database

THANK YOU to for including me in this important database, celebrating the high public service expectations that Black women have of themselves and each other.

I am extremely excited to participate in civic engagement for Arkansas’s District 4.

We are hundreds strong for 2018, and I am proud to be one of many challenging the status quo.

Arkansas moves forward. We don’t go back. And we don’t stand still.

We Go 4th to the Future!

“Le’ts Run for Congress!”

Mid January update on Lee McQueen!

Because of supporter generosity during the previous financial quarter, Lee McQueen and McQueen4Congress had sufficient means to print campaign literature for the sole Independent progressive candidate for Congress in Arkansas’s District 4 to share at a multitude of events in the Texarkana region. Your campaign donations make travel and printing for this Future Arkansas campaign and platform possible.
McQueen carried campaign literature on single payer healthcare, Medicare for All, free college tuition, $15 minimum wage, an end to the Drug War to Little Rock to share at the Women’s March. At the state capitol, McQueen broadcasted the sole progressive campaign for Arkansas’s District 4 because the paper of record, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, refused to provide equal coverage and publicity to McQueen that this paper provided to her opponents. Also, McQueen’s travel to Little Rock ensured statewide recognition of the political and economic relevance of southwestern Arkansas, the ArkLaTex, and the Texarkana region which is often overlooked.

Candidate Spotlight: Lee McQueen for 4th Congressional District of Arkansas

Hard work, time, and energy ensure that McQueen continues to overcome separate and unequal campaign coverage by mainstream media. In fact, McQueen recently received full article coverage by The Bern Report and a brief mention in Arkansas Times. She has received endorsements by progressive organizations and leaders. Social media point guards have been instrumental in spreading knowledge that 92% of Arkansas’s voters chose to register themselves as “unaffiliated,” meaning that McQueen has already aligned herself as an Independent candidate with 92% of Arkansas’s voters. While District 4 appears relatively conservative, beneath the surface, McQueen finds strong leanings towards populism and libertarianism that surprise many who do not live here. Ballot petitioning is a key method to have one-on-one interactions with the voting electorate. Information is power. Therefore, an informed voter is a powerful voter.

HUFFPOLLSTER: A State-By-State Guide To Party Registration

McQueen makes strategic use of a shoestring budget funded by grassroots supporters who recognize the need for a progressive voice in Congress. Supporters invest in the McQueen4Congress campaign, an average of $23, in order to “Make Lee Competitive” to continue ballot petitioning and to share the message that regressive voting by the current congressman, obstruction, status quo sloganeering, saying anything and doing nothing are unacceptable. An Arkansas for All means free healthcare, free education, affordable housing, living wages for a full day’s work, shared prosperity, strong regional economies, and safe communities. Therefore, McQueen4Congress accepts no corporate donations or PAC money. PEOPLE COME BEFORE PROFITS.

[UPDATE 01/27/2018: Judge Moody’s ruling to extend ballot access petition deadline to May 1st applies only to the Independent running for Lieutenant Governor. All other Independents in Arkansas are expected to meet March 1st deadline, per SoS Martin. Judge Moody will decide, “case-by-case.” See:
All the way through to Tuesday November 6, 2018, McQueen will put in the hard work of voter education and outreach, time, and energy. She will travel Arkansas’s District 4 to clearly explain the meaning of “progressive” to those who have received inaccurate definitions from major party candidates who will say anything to win, but do nothing beyond culture war in order to avoid actual economic progress. Progressive doesn’t mean left. Progressive doesn’t mean right. Progressive means F O R W A R D. McQueen’s positions are specific and clear.
Please contribute $3, $13, $23, $33, $43 to the sole progressive campaign and candidate for Arkansas’s District 4 House seat who takes instructions from actual voters of the district rather than major party bosses, party leaders, and their corporate donors.
You can help create a Future Arkansas for All! Please sign the ballot petition. Please contribute. Please spread the word on social media. McQueen looks forward to meeting the voters of Arkansas, District 4.
“Let’s Run for Congress!”



2018 Updates on McQueen4Congress campaign!

Busy couple of weeks in the McQueen4Congress campaign!
Arkansas Times contacted McQueen for a phone interview for an upcoming article on Arkansas women running for office. Help McQueen watch for the article’s publication!
2018 launched with several community activities involving outreach by McQueen to the Arkansas District 4 constituency.  Lonoke Baptist Church permitted McQueen to gather signatures for her ballot access petition from parishioners. lonoke baptist church
McQueen also participated in discussions regarding the serious opioid crisis and its devastating effect on the Texarkana region of Arkansas after a film screening of “Chasing the Dragon” sponsored Texarkana Police Department.
She also spoke with Miller County NAACP regarding her campaign and platform, making sure to explain the difference between a forward-moving progressive, a neo-liberal status-quo incrementalist, and a right-wing corporatist.
Arkansas & Stateline 1Very exciting when friends and family helped McQueen take her case for ballot access to the street at the major intersection of Stateline Ave & Arkansas Blvd for car honks and ballot petition signatures!   
Arkansas & Stateline 2

McQueen spoke with frequent visitors to Miller County Senior Citizen Center to deliver an update on the campaign, provide details on the platform, and to take questions. Most of the questions she answered centered around the future of Medicare and Social Security.

Lee McQueen & Arkansas State Policemen
McQueen also received a briefing from Arkansas State Police on the extensive education and training required to earn the title of “Trooper.”  Thank you to Trooper Mitchell, Trooper Broughton, and Trooper Fielding for describing a day in the life of Arkansas’s finest.
At this time, candidate Lee McQueen really needs your help!
Events to recognize Martin Luther King Jr have already begun, and Lee McQueen has fresh pages for her ballot access petition to fill to meet the 2000 valid signature baseline. Please sign the petition! Arkansas & Stateline 3
Please help get progressive issues onto the federal ballot, most specifically, the issues that put people ahead of profits. These include free college tuition, National Improved Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, an end to the Drug War, and diplomacy as the first resort in foreign policy. 
Sincerest, multiple thank yous to those already assisting with gathering signatures. We’re still waiting for the official written order on the deadline from U.S. District Court Judge James M. Moody in the Moore v Martin, e.d., 4:14cv-65 case. In the meantime, please assist us, if you can, with gathering signatures, please visit
[UPDATE 01/27/2018: Judge Moody’s ruling to extend ballot access petition deadline to May 1st applies only to the Independent running for Lieutenant Governor. All other Independents in Arkansas are expected to meet March 1st deadline, per SoS Martin. Judge Moody will decide, “case-by-case.” See:
We work lean and streamlined to keep the asks to a minimum. We are not funded or brought to you by Monsanto, McDonald’s, or Wal-Mart. There’s no shrimp cocktail and champagne parties to buy votes. This is a grassroots-funded, volunteer-driven campaign with people working hard for legislation and policies that benefit the 99%, which is must of us. This means your campaign donations matter! Please assist the campaign by donating online or by snail mail. To take this progressive, people before profit issues and a Future Arkansas platform to Washington, DC we need your help!
We also have an amazing volunteer crowd of social media point guards and specialists who have already extended our social media reach and sent our statistics off the charts. THANK YOU! Feel free to join in the fun!
So many ways to assist the campaign! Contact us if you have questions!
“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Excitement & energy building for 2018

We’re seeing an escalation of excitement and energy for 2018!

Lee McQueen has been speaking regularly in the Texarkana region on progressive politics. She has booked three speaking engagements for next week, starting this Sunday.

More volunteers and more campaign donations from individuals are coming on deck.

People are ready for Future Arkansas!

In the meantime, we’ll share the most recent informative write-up of the candidate and campaign by The Bern Report.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year from Lee McQueen!

I’m wishing everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!

The best is yet to come for 2018!

Specifically, I’m wishing everyone:

Health for All
Wealth for All
Education for All
Jobs for All
Peace for All
Justice for All
Future for All

Most especially for my friends, neighbors, community, and leadership in Arkansas’s District 4, a Future Arkansas for All!

We can build a better world.

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Lee McQueen, Independent progressive, Arkansas, District 4