Thank you KDQN Country 92.1 for covering McQueen4Congress campaign

I would like to deliver a hearty cheer to KDQN #1 Country 92.1’s Southwest Arkansas Daily for being the first news outlet to cover the sole Independent and progressive candidate for U.S. Congress for Arkansas’s District 4.

This online publication printed the McQueen4Congress Candidacy Announcement Press Release immediately following its distribution on October 2, 2017 to all major Arkansas publications.

KDQN’s Southwest Arkansas Daily is a prime example of ethics in journalism, equality, and respect for viewers and listeners who support 92.1.

Thank you, KDQN!

Lee McQueen




Meet the Independent Candidate Lee McQueen

Meet the Independent Candidate Lee McQueen for Congress, Arkansas, District 4

Thursday November 9, 5:30–7:30pm

Texarkana Public Library, Meeting Room

The Future of Arkansas is for All!

Lee McQueen invites you to a meet and greet to discuss her Bernie Sanders-style candidacy, the campaign platform, issues affecting Arkansas’s 4th district, current U.S. House legislation.

5:30pm Refreshments
6:00pm Lee speaks
6:30-7:30pm Lee takes questions

“Let’s Run for Congress!”

Free and open to the public.

Visit for more information.

Paid for by McQueen4Congress

Meet the Independent Candidate Lee McQueen PDF

Video of McQueen’s visit with AR Green Party

Independent progressive candidate Lee McQueen visited with the Green Party of Arkansas to discuss her candidacy for Arkansas’s 4th District House seat, her Future Arkansas platform, and issues of concern to independent-minded voters.

Specific topics included Lee’s firm stance on single payer healthcare, renewable energy, infrastructure modernization, jobs with a living wage, women’s reproductive healthcare, net neutrality, corporate privatization of public goods, and military defense spending, etc. Her portion of the video below begins about the one hour, five second mark.

Lee speaks with Green Party of Arkansas.


Lee says, “Thank you so much, Green Party of Arkansas, for being my first live interview. The questions asked were extremely perceptive and I’m appreciative of the opportunities I had to listen and learn, as well.”

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McQueen to speak with AR Green Party

Independent Progressive candidate Lee McQueen’s first interview will be with the Green Party of Arkansas upcoming this week!

“The Green Party of Arkansas is dedicated to creating a better future for the citizens of this state and the quality of life that they deserve – by empowering regular people to stand together to defeat climate change, end the rigged economy, and to create a more peaceful and just society through a persistent focus on human rights. “The Natural State” has no stronger ally for preserving the beauty and opportunity Arkansas has to offer, but we must work in unison to protect the wide range of public lands, water supplies, and biological diversity that are currently under threat by the willful blindness of the existing political establishment.”