Spread the Word!

We have one year from the McQueen2018 campaign launch to spread the word ALL OVER ARKANSAS’S DISTRICT 4 about:

  • Single payer healthcare
  • Affordable education and housing for all
  • Good jobs with living wages
  • Responsible businesses and strong tax base
  • Renewable energy development and infrastructure modernization
  • Safety and security with respect for civil liberties
  • Foreign policy with respect for human rights
  • Integrity and trust in the election process and active civic engagement

Will you volunteer to help us spread the word to Arkansas, District 4?

Jump right in!

(1) Write a letter to the editor/publisher/producer:

EXAMPLE: Letter-to-the-Editor-Lee-McQueen-12-1-17-El-Dorado-News-Times by Katherine Morse PDF

US Newspapers by State
Radio Stations by State
USA Television Directory


(2) Post up flyers or pass out handbills in high traffic areas:

McQueen2018 Candidate Filing Press Release PDF

McQueen4Congress Candidacy Announcement Press Release PDF

McQueen2018 Campaign Flyer [Full page]

McQueen2018 Campaign Handbills PDF [1/4 page]

McQueen2018 Business Cards PDF [Avery 8377 or Office Depot 717, 2 x 3.5]

McQueen2018 Volunteer Form PDF [1/4 page]


(3) Feel free to use the information you find on the official website to create your own campaign literature in support of McQueen2018!





(4) Will you help spread the word on your social media?

Will you help us Go 4th to the Future?


Thank you for your interest and support for An Arkansas for All!

Please remember to register to vote in time for the Tuesday November 6, 2018 election date!

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